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Lenten concert by Gail Archer - "Meditations on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity" by Oliver Messiaen

Posted by Jeanine Jelinek on March 1, 2018 at 4:20 PM

On Saturday February 24th, Gail Archer performed "Meditations on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity" by Oliver Messiaen in the Abbey Church on the Moeller organ. Gail Archer, www.gailarcher.com, is an international concert organist, recording artist, choral conductor, and lecturer who draws attention to composer anniversaries or musical themes with her annual recital series.

Comments from those who attended the performance include:

The beautiful architecture of the abbey church along with the live acoustics made for an ideal venue for Messiaen’s music

The organ seemed to work quite well for Messiaen’s music

It was great to hear the entire organ cycle of the Trinity rather than excerpts

The organist was able to convey the composer’s vision of the work with a superb reading of the score

Thank you for hosting this concert

I found it to be a truly spiritual experience

We are grateful to Gail Archer for her performance. The event flyer is provided below. 

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