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Lady Chapel Renovations

Posted by Jeanine Jelinek on January 27, 2017 at 1:10 AM

After years of planning and months of work on our Lady Chapel (which we are using to pray the Liturgy of the Hours as a community), the chapel was ready for use, starting Mar. 1 (Ash Wednesday). Thank you for your prayers and support of our efforts. Our Giving page provides details if you would like to support the Lady Chapel renovation. We are grateful.

Here is the first use of the chapel by the community (Lauds of Ash Wednesday). While there is still one more piece to the renovation, namely, a small organ, we are very grateful to God (and St. Joseph's Intercession) for having this renovated chapel finished thus far. And we are grateful to those who contributed their skills to accomplishing this.

The icon is based on a famous Russian icon, Our Lady of Tenderness. The choir stalls were designed by McCrery Architects. The choir stalls seat 31 monks, while pews in the back seat 16 for visitors.

This shows the back of the chapel. The contractor overseeing the renovation was Mark Camp (Camp Construction Company, Inc.).

The woodwork (choir stalls, back wall panels, and pews) was by Mountain View Millworks of West Virginia. The owner of the millworks, David Tressler, is seen in this photo taking a picture of his finished work from the back of the chapel.

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