A Roman Catholic Benedictine monastery of men

P R A Y E R   ˖   W O R K   ˖   S T A B I L I T Y


Benedictine links
The American-Cassinese Congregation of Benedictine Monasteries -- founded 1855, the American-Cassinese Congregation is a Catholic association of Benedictine monasteries.
"The Order of St. Benedict" -- a website run by St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, MN, that has many Benedictine resources and links
Benedictine University, the university founded and sponsored by St. Procopius Abbey
Benet Academy, the high school founded and sponsored by St. Procopius Abbey
Oblates of St. Procopius Abbey -- website of the oblate program of St. Procopius Abbey. An oblate is not a vowed member of St. Procopius Abbey, but is spiritually affiliated with the abbey, having promised to live out the Rule of St. Benedict inasmuch as his or her state in life permits.
Sacred Heart Monastery -- monastery of Benedictine sisters across the street from St. Procopius Abbey. Our histories intersect -- interestingly, our first abbot and their first prioress were brother and sister
St. Benedict Education Foundation -- a foundation in the US that helps support the work of S' Anselmo, the Benedictine school in Rome.
Br. Kevin Coffey's art website -- Br. Kevin is a monk of our abbey who teaches art at Benet Academy.
Institute on Religious Life -- Collaborative effort to foster and strengthen vocations to religious life.
General Catholic links
Vatican website (English homepage)
Diocese of Joliet-in-Illinois -- the diocese in which is located St. Procopius Abbey
New Advent homepage -- a good source for Catholic news; it also has links to the Bible, texts of the Church Fathers, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the old Catholic encyclopedia
Word on Fire Ministry -- Fr. Barron's media savvy ministry, or as the website says: "a nonprofit global media organization which supports Catholic evangelical preaching, particularly the work of Father Robert Barron, and reaches millions of people to draw them into or back to the Catholic faith."
Catechism of the Catholic Church (via Vatican website, or via St. Charles Borromeo parish here)
Vatican website's document archive, with texts of the Bible, Catechism, Vatican II documents, Code of Canon Law, etc. 
St. Procopius Abbey links
Lectio Divina -- "Give me a word" Insights on Lectio Divina from the monks of St. Procopius Abbey.
Lectio Divina -- Walk-through process for group Lectio Divina
Lectio Divina -- Bookmark (printable pdf)
Application to use Abbey Church for a Concert -- Please use website application under Contact - Abbey concert application. If for some reason, that is not possible, download this document and mail completed form to Br. Augustine Mallak, OSB, at St. Procopius Abbey, 5601 College Road, Lisle, IL 60532