A Roman Catholic Benedictine monastery of men

P R A Y E R   ˖   W O R K   ˖   S T A B I L I T Y

Monastic community

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Just as there is a bad zeal of bitterness that separates from God and leads to hell, so too there is a good zeal that separates from vices and leads to God and to eternal life. Let monks, then, exercise this latter kind of zeal with most fervent love – thus it will be that: they outdo one another in showing honor (cf. Rom 12:10b); they bear their weaknesses of body or behavior with the greatest patience; they compete in offering each other obedience; no one seeks what he judges useful for himself, but instead what is better for another; they virtuously expend themselves on brotherly love; they lovingly fear God; they esteem their abbot with a sincere and humble love; they put nothing at all before Christ, in order that He may bring us all together to eternal life.

Rule of Saint Benedict 72.1-12