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Abbot Austin G. Murphy, O.S.B.

X Abbot

Born in Huntington, New York on March 25, 1974.

Professed a monk on September 6, 1997.

Ordained a priest on July 3, 2004.

Elected Abbot on June 24, 2010.


Quote about monastic vocation:  "I thank God for the monastic vocation, especially for the opportunities it gives me -- opportunities to pray, to grow spiritually, to be challenged, to receive support, and to serve others in Christ."


Abbot Dismas Kalcic, O.S.B.

IX Abbot


Born in Joliet, Illinois on January 1, 1929. 

Professed a monk on June 26, 1955.

Ordained a priest May 27, 1961. 

Elected Abbot on December 30, 2002.



Quote about monastic vocation: "As one progresses in monastic life it becomes easier and easier to live by Christ’s teachings, to do what is right, regardless the cost. In the Prologue to his Rule for monks, I think that’s what St. Benedict is telling someone about to enter the monastery: “As our lives and faith progress, the heart expands and with the sweetness of love we move down the paths of God’s commandments.”


Br. Guy Jelinek, O.S.B.


Born in Berwyn, Illinois, December 14, 1951. 

Professed a monk on June 24, 1972.



Quote about monastic vocation: "Well, I thought of and planned on medical school.  Then, I met the monks and my horizons of service expanded beyond me to you.  And, that's it!  Here I am."


Fr. James Flint, O.S.B.

Subprior, Procurator, Director of Oblates, Historian & Archivist

Born June 21, 1952, in Athens, Ohio. 

Professed a monk on August 9, 1975.
Ordained a priest on August 13, 1983.


Quote about monastic vocation:  "God's mercy having brought me into contact with the Benedictine way of life, I saw that it was a good way to live, capable of producing holiness in a person.  In the decades since, I've often had questions about myself, but never about the Benedictine charism."


Fr. Kenneth Zigmond, O.S.B.

Born, October 23, 1931 in Chicago.

Professed a monk on June 24, 1951

Ordained a priest on June 1, 1957.


Quote about monastic vocation:  "It was my good fortune to have the Benedictine sisters and priests as my educators in primary and secondary schools. The strongest motivation in becoming a Benedictine monk was the comfort of a religious family and the constant spiritual support it provides."


Fr. Anthony Jacob, O.S.B.

Born in Chicago, Illinois on March 29, 1939.

Professed a monk on June 24, 1960.

Ordained a priest on December 18, 1965.


Quote about monastic vocation:  "I came to the college to be an engineer....but Our Lord had another idea!"


Fr. Philip Timko, O.S.B.

Born in Joliet, Illinois on November 3, 1941.

Professed a monk on January 24, 1962.

Ordained a priest on July 26, 1969.


Fr. Joseph Chang, O.S.B.

Born in Shanghai, China on November 23, 1926.

Professed a monk on February 28, 1970.

Ordained a priest on March 18, 1957.


Quote about monastic vocation:  "SEMPER ET UBIQUE.  I praise God's Mercy and Love to me!"


Fr. Julian von Duerbeck, O.S.B.

Born May 3, 1949, in Chicago.

Professed a monk on June 19, 1970.

Ordained a priest on May 15, 1976.


Quote about monastic vocation:  "The beauty and richness of the liturgy is important to my vocation.  Stability in the community and teaching students have sustained me over the years."


Fr. Becket Franks, O.S.B.


Born September 21, 1954 in Evergreen Park, Illinois.

Professed a monk on August 12, 1978.

Ordained a priest on June 28, 1986.


Quote about monastic vocation:  "I joined the community because of the liturgy and the architecture. But I stayed because of the support of many brothers; every day, I enter into the mystery of all three and more!"


Br. Augustine Mallak, O.S.B.

Born in Rantoul, Illinois on December 31, 1957.

Professed  a monk on August 18, 1979.


Quote about monastic vocation:   "I was attracted to St. Procopius Abbey by the community life and the primacy of the liturgy. Those aspects are still important to me today as I continue my journey in the monastic life."


Fr. Gabriel Baltes, O.S.B.

Pastor of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Lisle

Born in Sandusky, Ohio on April 19, 1958.

Professed a monk on September 14, 1983.

Ordained a priest on July 27, 1991.


Quote about monastic vocation:  "I find that monasticism nurtures the sacramental and liturgical life that is foundational for my own spirituality."


Br. Gregory Perron, O.S.B.

Business Manager


Born in Kankakee, Illinois, on March 5, 1971. 

Professed a monk on March 20, 1993.


Quote about monastic vocation: "I became a monk in order to seek God."


Br. Richard Poro, O.S.B.

Born in Cicero, Illinois on September 26, 1958.

Professed a monk on November 20, 1993.


Quote about monastic vocation:  "Seeking God through the monastic way of life through prayer, work and community."


Br. Kevin Coffey, O.S.B.

Director of Vocations

Born in Long Branch, New Jersey on April 26, 1972.

Professed a monk on September 29, 2001.

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