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Abbey Hosts Triduum Vocations Retreat

St. Procopius Abbey will be hosting its first Triduum Vocations retreat since 2019 in early April. The typically annual retreat for men (ages 18-45) considering vocations had been canceled in each of the last three years, first due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then later due to ongoing renovations at the Abbey, resulting in the temporary loss of guest rooms.

According to Br. Kevin Coffey, Director of Vocations, "It's been awhile since our last retreat due to the pandemic and the abbey's renovations." He added, "While these have been difficult trials they've allowed us to have a fresh, new start. It's offered us the chance at renewal and we want to be open to inviting others to this way of life. It truly is a gift from God."

This year's retreat will begin on Holy Thursday, at 4pm, and conclude on Easter Sunday at 1pm. "We do it at such a special, holy time within the church's calendar - the celebration of our Lord's death and resurrection, to help remind people of what we are as human beings," said Coffey. "We truly are Children of God and He calls each of us to Himself. Our way of life is a gift from God steeped in tradition."

Men who are interested in participating should contact Br. Kevin as soon as possible, as only a few spaces are left. He can be reached at

Those who are unable to attend this retreat may be able, alternatively, to set up a personal retreat/visit, or attend a future vocation retreat, which are held a few times each year.


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