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Abbey Installs New Video Chat Device for Members at St. Patrick’s

St. Procopius recently purchased new technology that will make it easier for confreres in assisted living facilities to keep in touch with the community at the Abbey. This new system, called VIEWCLIX, will allow monks (for instance, at St. Patrick’s Nursing Home) to use a VIEWCLIX smart frame, to answer video calls from members here at the Abbey.

According to Infirmarian Fr. Becket Franks, “The idea is that when a monk moves to St. Pat’s or other assisted living places, we will provide a video frame device to continue to communicate with the confrere.“

The new system does not mean that anyone will be able to conduct video calls using the system. Only those people who have an account administered by Fr. Becket will be able to use the system to make calls.

When not using the video calling feature, the smart frame can display a slide show of photos sent by registered friends and family, much like a standard digital picture frame.

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