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Abbey Nurse Retires

The monastic community of St. Procopius Abbey consists of 20 men dedicated to seek and serve God as Benedictine monks in the Catholic Church and they require healthcare just as any other community.

"After 21 years, five months, and one day exactly, Nurse Sheri retires with her husband, Jeff, to Park Falls, WI...It is very bittersweet since I hired her 21 years ago. But our new nurse, Megan McCatty, is a fine hire and a dynamic choice." Fr. Becket Franks wrote in an announcement on May 6. A celebratory luncheon was held on Friday, May 8, when she was presented with beautiful handmade ceramic pieces made by Br. Kevin Coffey. May God continue to bless Sheri and her husband in their next chapter. “It is clear that Sheri was a very dedicated and wonderful abbey nurse, and I will certainly do my best to continue in that tradition.” Megan responded in an email regarding Sheri’s retirement.

Welcome, Nurse Megan as you begin your next chapter with the monks here at the Abbey. The Abbey is blessed to have you.

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