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Abbot Austin and Brother Kevin Return from St. Louis

Last weekend, Abbot Austin Murphy and Br. Kevin Coffey returned from the SEEK23 conference, which was held in St. Louis, Mo.

St. Procopius Abbey attended the conference for Catholic college students as a sponsor, meeting with participants and sharing resources related to the Abbey, monasticism, and Benedictine spirituality.

On its website, SEEK23 was described to students, “As an event centered on the crux of the Gospel, the heart of SEEK will feature prayer, adoration, Scripture and the sacraments. You can also expect to hear great talks from speakers, experience deeper fellowship with friends and find your next adventure through our awesome sponsors.”

Over the course of five days, Abbot Austin and Br. Kevin met hundreds of students, discussing faith, blessing Medals of St. Benedict, teaching about Lectio Divina, and enjoying the occasional game of Jenga while chatting about art, movies, and more.

Through SEEK23, and other events like it, the Abbey hopes to continue to share its resources, and help another generation of young Catholics learn about Benedictine monasticism.


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