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Abbot Austin Offers Course on Spirituality

Over the last six months, Abbot Austin offered a course on spirituality, via YouTube. Each session takes about 30 minutes. Suggested readings and reflections are in the video notes for each session. You can follow Abbot on YouTube at

The full list of course sessions is below:

Session 1: The Goal is to Enjoy God:

Session 2: Abilities (Virtues) Needed to Enjoy God:

Session 3: Thinking Correctly About God:

Session 4: Virtue of Faith (pt. 1 on Faith):

Session 5: Faith in Authorities (pt. 2 on Faith):

Session 6: Faith Seeking Understanding (pt. 3 on Faith):

Session 7: Virtue of Charity:

Session 8: Virtue of Hope:

Session 9: Hoping for Things Other than God:

Session 10: Meeting Our Needs, pt. 1:

Session 11: Meeting Our Needs, pt. 2:

Session 12: Forming Our Emotions:


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