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Statement regarding Fr. Terence Fitzmaurice

June 14, 2023

Lisle, Ill. -- St. Procopius Abbey has found it to be substantiated that Fr. Terence Fitzmaurice, a deceased member of the Abbey (d. 2009), sexually abused minors. This determination follows a months-long investigation and consultation with an independent Review Board. Per the Abbey’s policy, Fr. Terence Fitzmaurice is now listed on our website as having a substantiated allegation.

Allegations against Fr. Terence Fitzmaurice were first brought to the attention of St. Procopius Abbey in 2004. The allegations were investigated by the Abbey, but not found to be substantiated and settlements were reached without an admission of guilt. Fr. Terence died in 2009. Since then, further allegations have come forward and in the Winter of 2022, another investigation was begun that reviewed the claims against Fr. Terence in total. The results of this investigation were shared with the Review Board for the Abbey and the determination has been made in recent days that, without making a determination about individual claims, it is substantiated that Fr. Terence Fitzmaurice sexually abused minors.

It is with great sorrow that St. Procopius Abbey reaches this conclusion about one of its monks. We ask for forgiveness from the victims and we pray for their healing and for the healing of all victims of abuse.

St. Procopius Abbey is committed to following policies to end and prevent the sexual abuse of minors. For this purpose, it implements and follows policies that are accredited by a third-party agency, Praesidium, and that are in keeping with the norms established by the United States Bishops.


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