A Roman Catholic Benedictine monastery of men

P R A Y E R   ˖   W O R K   ˖   S T A B I L I T Y

The Clerestory magazine

The Clerestory 

is the official magazine of the Benedictine Monks 

of St. Procopius Abbey. 

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2019 Fall

2019 Winter

2017 Fall

2016 Fall 

2015 Fall

2015 Spring

2014 Summer

2013 Winter

2013 Fall (Lumen Award)

2013 Summer

2012 Spring

2012 Summer

2011 Fall

2011 Summer (Lumen Award)

Lumen Awards Recipients

Fall 2013, Summer 2011

First place winner of the annual Lumen Awards, Best Publication with a Gift Envelope, Category B, from the National Catholic Development Conference.

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